Chevening Scholarship 2024 And How To Apply

Chevening Scholarship 2024: We are here to share with you about the Chevening Scholarship and How to Apply For it Online. We have also mentioned the portal link, method to apply, and required documents for filling out an application. The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious international scholarship program funded by the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and administered by the Chevening Secretariat.

Chevening Scholarship 2024

Chevening Scholarship 2024


The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious international scholarship program that offers opportunities for postgraduate study in the United Kingdom. It is funded by the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and administered by the Chevening Secretariat.

The program is designed to support emerging leaders, professionals, and decision-makers from around the world who wish to pursue a Master’s degree at a UK university.

Chevening Scholarship 2024

ScholarshipChevening Scholarship 2024
Initiative ByUK Government’s
Last Date of Application Submission 2024-2501 November 2023
NationalityAny in the List of Scholarship Program
Application Starting Date 2025-26August 2024
Last Date of Application Submission 2025-26November 2024
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is the Chevening Scholarship Program?

The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious and fully-funded international scholarship program, funded by the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, and administered by the Chevening Secretariat. It offers outstanding individuals from eligible countries the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom.

Key Features of the Chevening Scholarship Program

  • Global reach, open to applicants worldwide.
  • Emphasis on leadership potential and academic excellence.
  • Support for one-year postgraduate studies in the UK.
  • Comprehensive financial support for tuition, living expenses, and more.
  • Networking opportunities and participation in a global alumni community.
  • Commitment to applicants’ return to and impact in their home countries.
  • Competitive selection process with rigorous assessments.
  • Funded by the UK government and various partner organizations.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

This scholarship is open for post-students pursuing different courses.

Its eligibility criteria usually include:

  • Citizenship or permanent residency of the eligible country is a must.
  • Students must have a minimum of two years of work experience relevant to their chosen field.
  • Applicants should have an undergraduate degree that will enable them to gain entry to the postgraduate program at a UK university.
  • Applicant must demonstrate proficiency in the English language such as IELTS or TOEFL and minimum score requirements are specified by the scholarship program.
  • Applicant are often required to demonstrate their leadership and networking skills in their application.

Required Documents for applying for this Scholarship:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates of undergraduate degrees must upload the original scanned copies of all documents and certificates.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • English language proficiency test scores.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume.
  • Passport-size photograph.
  • Passport and other identification documents.

How to Apply For the Chevening Scholarship Program

To apply for the scholarship you should follow these simple steps:

(1) Check Eligibility: Visit the official Chevening website to check if you are eligible to apply. Eligibility criteria may vary from year to year. For the Official web portal Click Here.

(2) Research Courses and Universities: Research the courses and universities in the UK that align with your academic and career goals. Ensure the courses you choose are eligible for Chevening funding.

(3) Submit Supporting Documents: You may need to submit additional documents to support your application. Make sure to follow the specific requirements outlined in the application instructions.

(4) Write Your Essays: Prepare the required Chevening scholarship essays, which often include questions about your leadership and networking skills, your career plans, and how studying in the UK will help you achieve your goals.

(5) Register on the Chevening Application Portal: Create an account on the Chevening Application Portal. This is where you will complete your application.

(6) Complete the Online Application: Fill out the online application form, providing all the required information and uploading the necessary documents.

(7) Course and University Selection: Choose up to three courses and universities in the UK that you wish to apply for. Make sure to select programs that are eligible for Chevening funding.

(8) Submit Your Application: After completing the online application, submit it by the specified deadline. Late applications are not accepted.

(9) Interview: If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview. The interview may be conducted in person or via video conference.

(10) Wait for the Result: The Chevening selection process is highly competitive, and not all applicants are awarded scholarships. It may take some time to receive the results of your application.

(11) Accept the Scholarship: If you are offered a Chevening Scholarship, you will need to formally accept the offer and follow the instructions provided to secure your scholarship.

(12) Visa and Travel Agreements: After accepting the scholarship, you will need to apply for a UK student visa and make travel arrangements to the UK.

(13) Study in the UK: Begin your postgraduate studies in the UK, making the most of your academic experience and the opportunities offered by the Chevening network.


The Chevening Scholarship is highly competitive, and the selection process is rigorous. The program aims to create a global network of future leaders who have a deep understanding of the UK and its values, and who can use their education and experiences to drive positive change in their home countries.

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