About Us

What is Literate Kid?

Literate Kid is a website or a way to transform the generation which provides different types of essays in English so that English-speaking people or many other Hindi speakers do not have any problem in writing an essay. We have also provided letter writing formats for many different purposes, alphabet letter downloadable worksheets, and many other topics for school students.

There are multiple different topics that are divided into separate categories.

Different Categories –

1. Animals

2. Sports

3. Occasions

4. Social Issue

5. Government Programs

6. Others

1. Animals: This category deals with essays on different domestic animals, wild animals, and birds.

2. Social Issue: This category deals the essays on the various social issues of the country and society. Such as Global Warming, Increasing Pollution, Increasing Population, etc.

3. Occasions: This category deals with essays on different festivals and national festivals. Such as New Year, Christmas, Republic Day, etc.

4. Government Programs: This category deals with the essay on different programs started by the government of India to ease people of India and to make India globally number one. Programs such as Digital India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, etc.

5. Others: This category deals with the essay on the rest of the other essential topics. Such as Books, My School, Newspaper, Yoga, etc. With that, this category includes different other topics like letter worksheets, letter writing formats, etc.

We provide posts on all the topics mentioned above to ease our viewers.

Purpose –

Our main objective is to provide essays on different topics in English to people so that they can get essays wherever they want.

Disclaimer –

If any of our audience needs essays on some other topics which are not on our website and is your need. So you can comment about that in any of our posts, or you can directly contact us on our Gmail account:- [email protected]