National Overseas Scholarship Program 2024 And How To Apply

National Overseas Scholarship Program: We are here to share with you about the National Overseas Scholarship Program and How to Apply For it Online. We have also mentioned the portal link, method to apply, and required documents for filling out an application. It is a central Government scholarship program by the government of India.

National Overseas Scholarship Program 2024

National Overseas Scholarship


Education is one of the keys to unlocking a bright future for everyone. It should be accessible for all but the increasing pricing of tuition fees and any other expenses for education doesn’t allow many who deserve to fulfill their dreams. As the financial constraints block their way for that.

The National Overseas Scholarship comes to a rescue as it allows deserving students to apply for a scholarship to study abroad with some basic steps and documentation.

National Overseas Scholarship Program

ScholarshipNational Overseas Scholarship Program 2024
Initiative ByGovernment of India
AmountUpto 400 INR
Required Family Income for EligibilityNot More Than 6,00,000 INR
Last Date of Application31 December 2023
Official Website

What is The National Overseas Scholarship?

It is a government initiative by the government, its funding is also provided by the government. Its aim is to provide financial assistance to outstanding and deserving students, professionals, and researchers who aspire to pursue their goals in foreign universities and institutions.

This scheme does not only cover any specific field but it covers a wide range from science and technology to humanities and the arts. Their Official Website for India is

Key Features of the National Overseas Scholarship:

Financial Support: This scholarship covers the tuition fees, travel costs, and living expenses to ensure that the scholar can entirely focus on their academic and research work.

Global Exposure: Studying in a different environment and culture helps scholars to understand the different cultures, ideas, and experiences for their personal and mental growth.

Access to World-Class Education: It gives scholars an opportunity to study at some of the most famous institutions in the world and have access to cutting-edge research facilities and expert faculties.

Research Opportunities: This also enables opportunities for new discoveries as it allows students to study abroad and get some good research facilities to make new discoveries and some contributions to their fields.

Networking and Career Opportunities: It allows for to building of international connections and collaborations which can open the way to exciting career prospects and global impact.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

This scholarship is open for a wide range of students pursuing different courses such as some technical degrees, postgraduate, and undergraduate.

Its eligibility criteria usually include:

  1. Citizenship or permanent residency is a must in the respective country.
  2. Strong academic performance and an excellent record.
  3. Demonstrated financial needs.
  4. Compliance with any other specific criteria set by the scholarship program.
  5. A clear study or research plan outlining the intended course of study and its relevance.

Required Documents for applying for this Scholarship:

• Academic transcripts and certificates.
• Letters of recommendation from professors or employers.
• Statement of Purpose (SOP) or research proposal outlining your study or research plans.
• Proof of financial need.
• Bank Account Details.
• Passport and other identification documents.

How to Apply For the National Overseas Scholarship

(1) Research and Identify Scholarships: First of all you have to identify a suitable National Overseas Scholarship that suits your goal and field of study. This information is generally found on some government websites or from educational institutes.

(2) Check Eligibility Criteria: You should carefully check or review the eligibility criteria for the scholarship program. You can check the basic eligibility requirement above we had given.

(3) Prepare Necessary Documents: You should prepare and gather all necessary documents for your application. The list of required documents is given above by us.

(4) Login to the Portal of National Overseas Scholarship: To fill out the form you have to log in to the portal and being a new user you have to sign up to the portal and then be able to sign in on the portal. The National Overseas Scholarship Portal for new Indian applicants is NSP – Login (

National Overseas Scholarship Login Page

(5) Completely Fill The Application Form: You should fill out the application form very carefully and accurately. You should also check if there is any other special guideline or instruction mentioned there.

(6) Submit The Application and upload the documents: Submit the application once you verify or recheck the form and follow the instructions given on the portal to submit the form and upload the scanned copy of the required documents.

(7) Interview or Assessment (If required): Some applicant categories may require the applicant to attend an interview or give an assessment as a part of the selection process (it is not a compulsory process for all).

(8) Wait for The Result: After submitting the application form and completing any required assessment or interview you will have to wait for the result. This process may take some time but generally, it is given in the time as shown at the time of form submission.

(9) Acceptance and Enrolment: If you are awarded the scholarship, follow the instructions as they may ask for additional documents to prepare for the next steps.

(10) Pre-Departure Preparation: Once you have accepted the scholarship by submitting additional documents, you will need to prepare for your abroad education, which includes securing a visa, arranging for travel, and checking any additional requirements set by the scholarship program.

(11) Maintain Eligibility: While studying abroad it is essential to maintain the eligibility criteria or goals set by the scholarship program. You have to maintain a certain grade, make satisfying progress in your academic data and should report your status regularly.

Renewal of Scholarship

  1. To renew the National Overseas Scholarship you have to go to the home page of the official website. For India which is
  2. Then you have to find the option of the renewal application and please check the academic year before applying.
  3. After that, you to log in with your old created login credentials and follow the steps to renew the scholarship.


The National Overseas Scholarship program is a gateway to achieve your academic and research dreams abroad.

If you are passionate and serious about your field of study or research and seeking global exposure you should apply for this and don’t miss the opportunity.

It is a one-time investment in your education and even for your future. This is a way to achieve your dream, so go ahead and chase your dreams on a global stage.

Good luck to all aspiring scholars out there!

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